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Post-It Planning

For years I’ve struggled with the concept of planning a novel, finding no specific way that I liked to plan and reading so many articles about planning which only scared. A lot of my novel plans have been internalised and are pretty messy. I thought this would be the continuous way my planning would always go, until I found a new way which actually seems to work for me.

I call this the ‘Post-It Planning’ way to working out your novel.

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Creating a Character – 01

One way to improve your character detailedness

(Part 01 in the Creating a Character Series)

Creating believable and realistic characters for your audience to engage with is one of the key ways to make your story successful. The characters are usually what dominates your story and idea. We follow the story through characters, so it’s important to make them have a full backstory and to know quite a few details about them. This makes it easier for us to believe in the character and connect with them.

I’ve found a simple way to help with deciding on how well you know your characters and how believable they are.

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The Writing Site Movellas.com

As a writer I was incredibly excited when I was first shown, back in 2013 (wow that seems a long time ago), the site Movellas, where you can post and share your work. I’ve grown and developed my writing style, technique and (I think) improved my skills through sharing and getting feedback here. Logging into this site was one of the things which always brought a smile to my face and I’m still to this day grateful of this find (thanks dad).

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