About Me

• Hi! I am Lily Anna, as my blog title should suggest •


I like…
to write my own fictional stories and read books, create art, take lots of photos and have a keen interest in interior design. I came here to share my work with the world through posts of thoughts, inspiration, advice and passion on these three things. Stick around if you’re interested in any of this exciting stuff.

I hope…
to create an area where creativity flows – a place where I can spread my love of all the arty, beautiful and imaginary type things there are.

I’d love…
it if you shared your thoughts with me by commenting. After all, we’re in this world of ours together, some of us may be very far apart but we can connect through the power of conversation. I think sharing is a beautiful thing and exactly what a blog is about. 🙂

• Lil’ (ha kinda similar to my name) additional bit of background about me •

I come from sunny (well not so much) Suffolk and have just finished A Levels (in Art, English Language and English Literature). I am progressing on to do an Interior Design degree which is as frightening as it is amazing! (Be prepared for posts about all that malarkey).