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DIY Light Jars

Lighting is key to brightening up your living space (quite literally) but there’s no point in making it ugly. A small simple way to add some more ambient lighting is through using colourful light jars.

The use of jars creates almost the same effect as using an ordinary candle but there are creative ways you can decorate your jar to add some extra prettiness. Whether you use a tea light in the bottom or a plastic battery powered candle (more suitable for uni students as you can’t have flames) it creates a similar muted light effect that adds something extra to your room.



Here is how you can make some light jars like above:

Step One: Choose your jar (or jars)

Ideally you want something quite plain and simple, like an old jam jar or if you’re from America a small mason jar will do. Remember to wash it first if it’s had any food in it.

It’s also important not to pick something too small as you need to fit a candle or light into the bottom. Don’t use anything with a crystallised or bumpy surface either as it will make it harder to stick anything to and why would you want to cover an already patterned surface anyway.

Step Two: Choose some tissue paper


Next we need to find something to cover the sides of your jar with. Ideally tissue paper is a good idea as you can still see the light through it which is what we want. Paper or crepe paper is often too thick and won’t work as effectively.

Choose the colours which you would like to use. If you just have a few different scraps of tissue paper perhaps left over from opening a present that will do.

Step Three: Cut or rip your tissue paper


Depending on how you want your light jar to look this step may vary. If you want to create one solid colour around your light (you can also create holes in patterns with this method) you will need to wrap your tissue paper around your jar and measure what size it will need to be. After this you may want to cut holes or shapes in your piece to create interesting light patterns.

The second and probably easier option is to rip your chosen tissue paper colours into little pieces. Don’t make them too small as it will make them hard to stick down.

Step Four: Time to stick

Using pva glue (as this drys clear) stick down your tissue paper onto the jar. It’s easiest to apply the glue to the jar first and then stick down rather than putting glue on the back of the tissue paper. Once you have stuck everything down you can paste on a thin layer of glue over the top if you wish to secure everything better but this is not essential.

Step Five: Light it up

Now it’s finally time to put in your light. You can either use a tea light or fake plastic candle which is battery operated (an easy search on amazon will help you find some). Carefully drop this into the centre of your jar (be careful with the fire please, ask an adult if you’re young) and watch it glow through your design. Such a easy way to create something pretty!


If you have a go at making one feel free to send me pictures! I’d love to see your lovely designs 🙂


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