Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

I’m not usually one who buys a lot of what you would call ‘beauty products’ and I didn’t think I would ever post about anything like this but here I am. I recently have found this fantastic face cream cleanser and wanted to share it in case anyone, like I was, is looking for something for sensitive skin.


I used to use about three products on my face from Simple (face wipes, these skin cleansing pads and some spot gel), which never seemed to do any good making my sensitive skin itchy. I struggled to find any replacement, beginning to not use anything on my skin at all. Some people might say that’s disgusting and not looking after your skin (I mean wasn’t great really) but I preferred not having an itchy face.

When I had a recent out break of spots I decided maybe it was time to find something which actually worked for me. And so this is where this cream cleanser from the body shop came in. Luckily my mum suggested it to me, having sensitive skin herself and I’m really glad I took her advice. It’s really easy to apply, all you have to do is dab it on your face every morning (after washing it with water and drying of course) using cotton wool pads or something of the sort. Then let it soak in and do it’s magic.

I didn’t get results straight away but it definitely didn’t make me itchy which was a good sign. As I used it more and more I started to see the difference in my skin. Not only were my spots calming down but my skin was lovely and soft. I was really quite amazed  at this product (and that’s saying something for something who doesn’t appreciate beauty products very often.) And what’s more it takes hardly any time or effort to use, perfect for lazy people like myself.


As you can see from the bottle it contains Vitamin E which has surely got to be healthy for the skin. To be honest I don’t know for sure… I’m not good at this stuff but I hardly think they would sell it if it wasn’t going to work wonders. The bottle design is also kind of pretty I think. I especially like the little plant details (have a feeling it might be an ingredient of the product) and the light pink contrasts well with the darker almost maroon colour. I wouldn’t usually go for pink things but the cream worked so well I’m beyond caring about that! I actually feel like I have better and healthier skin now!

Anyway, before I ramble too much, here’s the link to the product on the body shop website – probably contains far more beauty/skin care factual stuff that I haven’t talked about. From a quick scan on their website I also see they have a whole Vitamin E range! I think I might have to check more of it out. 🙂

Let me know below if you have any other suggestions for sensitive skin types. And if you want to try out this product tell me whether you like it, would be interested to see if it really does suit ‘all skin types’ as the website advertises.

(p.s. I wasn’t sponsored to say all this just so you know, this is my actual honest opinion – not trying to gain them more customers – I just wanted to recommend.)


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