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The Writing Site Movellas.com

As a writer I was incredibly excited when I was first shown, back in 2013 (wow that seems a long time ago), the site Movellas, where you can post and share your work. I’ve grown and developed my writing style, technique and (I think) improved my skills through sharing and getting feedback here. Logging into this site was one of the things which always brought a smile to my face and I’m still to this day grateful of this find (thanks dad).

When you’re writing you don’t have any one to criticise but you, so it can become difficult to see how you could improve or sometimes you feel so bad about it that you hit delete (believe me that has happened far too many times.) With a way to easily share it with other writers this provides you with much more moral support on your writing journey. Not only this but it gives you the chance to make friends with other fellow writers which is seriously beneficial (it was for me at least.) Plus you can also take part in all sorts of different little writing competitions each with great prizes. There’s just so many great things about it. It’s not just a writing site, it’s a community! I seriously recommend signing up if you do like or do any kind of creative or non-fictional writing or if you just like to read. I’m sure you can find something great to read there.

Also because of course I have to self plug please feel free to check out my account here.

I’ll probably post a few things here now and again about the current things I’m writing, give a couple of sneaky little extracts too before I’ve even posted it but for the most part you should find most of my current/on-going works on my Movellas account. 

Feel free to ask any questions and let me know if you check the site or any of my work out! 🙂


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