Obligatory First Post

I feel as though it’s obligatory to do at least a little first post to say hi.

Ideas of what to put in it have kind of stumped me (I am usually more creative I swear). It’s not easy. I mean we all want to create a fantastic first post which grabs everyone’s attention but I guess that’s not really always what happens. I’ve created a few blogs in my time (of 17 years) but needless to say none of them went very well… And their first posts? Probably as dire as this one.

So, I thought I’d get this over and done with. Nothing too rambley or boring. If you want to find a little more info on me then feel free to visit my about me page. Apart from that: hi, I’m Lily and this is the start of my blogging adventure.

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself in the comment box below. I don’t bite… only if I don’t like you… joking, joking. This is a judgement free zone! (Unless you really are horrible.) 🙂

Stay tuned for more interesting content (lets hope).



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